Ninkasi is the Sumerian goddess of beer. The Sumerians believed that “waves rise, and waves fall”, everything was transient: the old gods, great walls, ancient languages. But Ninkasi had an idea. To create something with special aromatics and timeless ingredients. To create the recipe of her name, idea that would endure time. Ninkasi’s love of beer, and attention to her craft, provided the drink of the gods to the mortals. The hymn to Ninkasi, which is the first beer recipe known to civilization, was sung while the ancient Sumerians brewed their beer and was passed down by master brewers to their apprentices, so that the recipe would live forever. We brought that recipe back to life. Ninkasi – Idea of brewing first beer.
Best Served
Alc. Volume
Energetic Value
Water, Barley Malt, Hops
Ninkasi - The beer with the history of 5000 years

available in:

2.5 L Pet
0.5 L Can
0.5 L Bottle

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