Quality control

მთავარი / Quality control
Our Vision is to be the No.1 beer and soft drinks producer in the Caucasus region. We create products which goes through constant severe quality control and gives us the right to be the first in beer and soft drinks industry.
Our Mission is to combine the highest standards of beer and carbonated soft drinks production with the best Georgian water, in order to obtain mass product that Georgia will be proud of. As our strategy, we chose to stand with the fundamental forces of progress. As we all know progress backs the better ways for the society's quality of life, which also means higher standards of quality for the available products. We decided to achieve new highs in the beer and beverages quality in our region using the latest developments in the technology and our know-how. 
Brewery Zedazeni sells its beer and soft drinks through its subsidiary distribution companies. Our products have to be available in every grocery store throughout the country chilled to the perfect temperature. We priced our product in the mainstream price level; So that the majority of the consumers had the chance to actually test them. The sales growth and market share growth indicate the correctness of our approaches.