The "Graffini" appeared on the Georgian market in December of 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of the customers with it's original packaging. This product is made from the highest quality Aseptic Technologies it provides the product with low temperature regime, which allows us to keep the fruit taste, structure and useful properties of fruit. In spite of the premium packaging "Graffini" is a drink for everyone who wants to feel the taste of the fruit and the refreshing effect. Nowadays, Graffini includes 3 types of flavor: Pomegranate, Cherry and Multifruit. Hence, Pomegranate additionally includes concentrated juice of apple and pomegranate. Calories - 44kcal/187kj, Carbohydrates - 11.0g, Sugar - 6.7g. Cherry - includes concentrated juice of apple and cherry. Calories - 43kcal/183kj, Carbohydrates - 10.9g. Multifruit includes concentrated juice of tangerine. Calories - 10.9g, Sugar - 9.2g.
Acidity Regulator
Water, Sugar, Concentrated juice of Aronia, Natural Aromatizer
Citric Acid

available in:

1.0 L Pet

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