Beer “Zedazeni” is the main brand of JSC “Georgian Beer Company”. Obviously, it implies special effort to keep permanent brilliant quality. Generally, three factors determines the quality of beer: raw materials, recipe and production process. Beer “Zedazeni” is brewed by the highest quality German raw materials and by excellent spring water of Zedazeni. The production process is built according to ultramodern reaches of European food industry. Worldwide, No brewery can boast that they have such kind of production processes. The recipe of "Zedazeni" was created by the development of Czech brewing traditions. So, the modern European technologies allow us to brew fine Georgian beer. Ideal balance of specially selected malt and hops with the water of "Zedazeni", makes its taste awesome. We, professional team of beer production, are proud that we reached so high standards in beer, such as "Zedazeni". Distinguished taste for people, who looks for the best. Zedazeni - For Sure !
Best Served
Energy Value
44 Kcal/187kj
Zedazeni - When Georgian Means - The Best !
Zedazeni Beer
Zedazeni Beer
Zedazeni Beer

available in:

50 l
30L Keg
2.5 L Pet
2.0 L Pet
1.0 L Pet
0.5 L Can
0.5 L Bottle

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